Demystifying the ASWB Exam
Demystifying the ASWB Exam

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Author: Bridgette N Montgomery MSW LCSW MSNPM CSOTS


In this One hour webinar, I attempt to break down the mystery of taking the exam, for you. This session will provide you with:

-Helpful tips for taking the LSW/LSCW exam
-Explains the design and make up of the exam
-Explains the three types of questions (Recall, Application, Reasoning)
-Discuss how to read and answer the questions.
-Discuss NASW code of ethics (and provide link for resource)
-Discuss the Five common Ethical dilemmas

-Limits to Confidentiality.

This Webinar will ends with two practice exam questions that I believe you will find quite useful. Answer are Rationales are also provided

Please take notes as there are no Handouts that accompany this Video!!

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